To All the teachers @ Shine, Thank you all so much for caring and teaching our smart wee Quinn so much. We will miss you all but will catch up when Wynter turns 3! Best wishes Kiri & Steve XXX 

Elderidge-Fright Family

Where do we begin......! We heard such nice things about Shine. We expected great things and we have not been disappointed. We really appreciate everything the teachers have done to help Dhruv develop and blossom into a happy, independent and confident boy. Dhruv started Shine at 3-1/2 years of age as a shy little boy. He embraced the loving and safe environment at Shine and made it his second home. He has enjoyed every day he has come here. Each day has been a new adventure and a stepping stone towards learning something new. All the teachers have worked hard and encouraged Dhruv to help him build the foundation for improved academic achievements, to focus and make social interactions through Montessori’s teaching/learning structure. The impact of the efforts of all the teachers is so evident in his day to day life. There have been such good basic values instilled in him that will help Dhruv for the rest of his life. Dhruv has made some special bonds with his friends and teachers who in turn have brought out the best in him. We know Dhruv will look back at the wonderful memories of Shine and will cherish them. We truly cannot thank you enough for your continued support and encouragement for getting Dhruv school-ready. We will miss you all! God Bless! Proud parents of Dhruv

Gaurang and Hitarthi

The balanced structured programme with education and practical life is excellent! Shine prepared Steven to be more confident, happy and well prepared for school. The teachers actually knew him, they understood him and tailored their teaching techniques around that to ensure he received the best that early childhood education has to offer.

Angela Daly-King

To all the lovely staff at Shine - Thank you all so much for making the past year so enjoyable for Wilbur. When I asked him what makes him happy he said “daycare”! You have all been so great. Thank you... Lots of love Wilbur and Saira

Duncan Family

Thank you so much for all the support, patience & love. Thank you so much, Kelvin has learnt so much in the time at Shine, he learnt to speak English, write his name, count, so many more things. He absolutely loved it and will miss it. I had such peace of mind when he was there. We will miss you so much.


Thank you so much for your wonderful care and friendship over the last 2 years with Lulu. Lulu has always enjoyed coming to Shine, which is all due to great teachers. She is developing her reading, drawing and writing ability already. Lulu has also made some lovely friends. Its sad to be leaving but thank you so much for helping getting Lulu ready for school and encouraging her to be a confident and individual 5 year old. Kind regards. Denise and Kyle Adair.

Denise and Kyle Adair

Thank you very much for looking after Tonain providing a fantastic enviroment for him to learn and grow, and for helping with his learning process. Tonain has grown into a very confident, school-ready child for a curious toddler he was when he started a Shine Nursary nearly four years ago. With his outstanding reading and number skills, Tonian has earned a few accolades. Shine Montessori curriculum must have worked on him very well. We thank you for that. We wish all the very best for Shine Montessori and the staff on their future endeavours. We will miss coming to Shine on a regular basis. With warm wishes

Emma, Seba, Ninian, Marisa and Tonian Raymond

Thank you very much for caring for Nathaniel, my son for three years. At first, I know it was a bit difficult, due to previous bad experiences. I know that with you, my son was in the best place. I appreciate that the Teachers / Management were excellent for him. I would strongly recommend Shine Montessori to anyone. I am pleased to be enrolling my daughter with you. I have every confidence in your program & teaching, as well as care for the children. I pray you will be able to continue with your good work.

Felicity & Stephen Keatly

Peter has really enjoyed his time at Shine and has learnt so much. His reading and writing has excelled incredibly! I noticed a positive change in his behaviour when he started at Shine. Thank you very much for all your hard work and efforts with Peter and for preparing him so well for school.

J Gell

I just wanted to thank you again for getting Samuel so well prepared for school. He is really confident with his reading and maths and has great self management skills. He has good Bible knowledge too. I am highly recommending Shine to everyone I meet!

Jane Gillingham

What a wonderful experience Tabitha has had at Shine Montessori Preschool - Waiwhetu. We have a busy little household so it has always been a great feeling knowing how well cared for and stimulated Tabitha was whilst at Preschool. In the past two years, we have watched her change and grow with confidence. Tabitha has a very positive attitude to learning and life in general, which I know has been nurtured by all the amazing teachers at Shine. Her favourite activities have been; Rainbow writing Colouring Climbing Trees Puzzles Tabbi has made some beautiful friends at Shine both with children and teachers alike. Although she is very keen to join her big sister at school, I know she will look back on her time at shine with really happy memories.Many many thanks to all the teachers and staff at Shine for all their constant support and encouragement.

Lots of love Katie, Greg and the Cooney family.

Renee’s Preschool years have now come to an end! We would like to thank you for all your hard work, support and encouragement that you have given our daughter during her 2 years in the centre. She loved every minute of it and always came home full of enthusiasm and stories to tell. We can’t thank you enough for making her years so happy! Renee will miss all the teachers and friends at Shine. The whole family thanks you all!

Lots of love from the Yan family

To all my Teachers at Shine. Thank you for - Teaching me my letters & numbers - Listening when I had something to say (which was a lot!) - Cuddling me when I was sad (which wasn't a lot!) - Reminding me to use my manners - Encouraging me to be myself; and liking me when I was - Giving me wonderful memories of my 2.5 years at Shine I will miss you all as I start my next big adventure and I hope our paths will cross again one day so you can see who I become and know the part you played.

Love from Grace & the Parker family

Thank you so much for all your help and teaching our son Braydon. He has grown so much during his time attending Shine. He is more confident & outspoken, no longer shy but has broken free from his shell into a sociable, happy young boy.

M Soi

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for being part of Ryder's life. Ryder has developed into a very outgoing and confident boy. I have really enjoyed the rituals that Ryder has bought to our home ie: We must do a karakia at every dinner, he prays to god to heal us when we are sick, and just the core values that he has been taught. Shine has done a great job with the processes that are carried out day to day from the time you arrive to the time you leave. Ryder will miss Shine and his friends very much and I'm sure you guys will miss him too. PS I am going to miss the cuttings, and the random piece of tree that comes home with one nail in it.

Matthew, Amy, Clevelynd and Ryder

Lauren started at Shine Montessori just after she turned 3. We were looking for a pre-school that had some structure. We found that with Shine. From day one Lauren thrived in the Montessori environment and loved the opportunity to learn in a supportive setting where she was able to express herself. Lauren really advanced academically while at Shine, learning to write and beginning to learn to read. She also came out of her shell socially. The teachers did a great job backing us up and instilling good values in Lauren. But best of all, Lauren loved going to Shine. On the days she didn't go, she was very disappointed! She made great friends and is really well set up for "big school". We are very thankful for all you have done for Lauren.

Norah, Brendan and Lauren

Little did I know in May 2010, when Kayla joined Shine Montessori Preschool that I would look back at the last year and reflect on so many precious memories which Kayla shared with many of her Preschool friends (Teachers included). Little did I expect to be writing this testimony with so many tears of joy and sorrow. We chose Shine for all good reasons. The foundations are noble, solid and great to build on. Soon after Kayla joined Shine, she came home and reflected on things which occurred through the day. One of the most outstanding memories was when she started talking about the Jesus room (Atrium) and her enthusiasm was vibrant. She couldn't wait for her next visit. Kaylas confidence levels quickly improved and she made many new friends. Kaylas Teacher Virginia was wonderful and has left a lasting impression on Kayla. I know Kayla will miss Shine and her friends at Preschool as she adjusts to her transition into 'big school'. I appreciate all the things that the team at Shine has done for Kayla. May God bless you each and every day

P & H Kruger-Botha

We are so grateful to have brought Angelo & Gabrielle to Shine. Thank you for all you have done to help our children. You have helped them both to be organised, motivated and have a great interest in learning. They have both really enjoyed being at Shine since the beginning and we will always fondly remember the time they have spent there

R & M Cabuatan

Hi Mel, Nal and the teachers @ Shine. Can’t believe this day has come so quickly. 3.5 years gone just like that! I can vividly remember the first week Nancy started at Shine, when she was just a baby. The feeling of loss and sadness that we had to put Nancy in Child Care. It was you, and the loving teachers that gave us the confidence that Nancy was in good hands and it has been like that ever since. Over the past three and a half years, Nancy has grown and developed so much! The progress she had, in our view related directly to the teachers and the program Shine offers. As parents, we could not appreciate more, every thing you’ve done for Nancy and us. We deeply appreciate it! Although Nancy is off to school, we will keep in touch and let you know how she does at school in the years to come. To everyone who comes our way for Educare recommendations, Shine would always be the one to pop out of our mouths! Thank you for everything.

Rochelle and Nathan Li

Thank you very much for your great work! Two years at Shine went very fast and Sofiya has grown into more social and confident girl over these years. Sofiya loved going to shine. Thank you for making the kindergarten experience so enjoyable and educational for Sofiya. All the best to all of you and to Shine!

Sofiya, Zenia and Linna

Fantastic staff and teachers, great class work and learning activities, lovely environment. We have have always felt very welcome. We have already recommended Shine Montessori to friends/family.

Soper Family

Archie started at Shine Montessori Nursery when he was 18 months old. Now he is 5 and off to school. What an amazing time he has had and how he has grown from a young toddler to a young boy ready to embrace a new chapter in his life! Shine has been like another family for Archie and our family. In the time he has been there he has built fantastic relationships with Teachers and friends and a wonderful knowledge of the world around him. We have always felt safe & secure in the knowledge that Archie was well looked after and his education and care has been second to none! Without question we know we made the right decision when choosing Shine! It is with great sadness that we will not be seeing the familiar faces of the teachers and friends that we have come to love at Shine thank you for everything.

C & A Mackenzie

To the Amazing Teachers at Shine, It is with great emotion that we say goodbye. Neve has loved her 2 years at Shine, developing special relationships with friends and teachers, and words cannot express how grateful we are for all the love, support, guidance and quality early Childhood education Neve has received at Shine.

Thank you from Neve and the McLaren family. Xxx

To all the Teachers at Shine, Thank you for all your care and attention of Bella during her time at Shine.She has really thrived during her time there. I know she will miss you all greatly, luckily she will still see you most days when we pick Lulu up!

Thanks from Sarah, Aaron, Bella and Olivia Harris

To the amazing teachers at Shine, Thank you all for the fantastic job you've done with Georgia during her 18 months at Shine. When she started she was an extremely shy little girl who hadn't coped at our local kindy. Although we didn't have any great expectation Shine would be any different, we were astounded at the changes we saw almost from the first week. Georgia was made to feel comfortable & secure and this allowed her confidence to slowly increase. She was encouraged to develop friendships and she did this with other Shine children and she is lucky to have formed a special bond with some of the wonderful teachers. Shine has become a second home to Georgia and because of this, plus the care she received, her personality and confidence have thrived. We will always appreciate and look back fondly on our involvement with Shine. We will miss you all.

The Williamson Family

Thankyou for giving Grace the opportunity to experience a quality Preschool environment. Grace has thrived educationally and socially and we will really miss Shine

Vanessa Purcell

Thankyou for taking care of Shane during his Montessori days and helping him grow to be who he is today. We see a big improvement in Shane, in handling things & taking rersponsibility in his day to day activities. We are greatly impressed with the religious activities done in class which has enabled Shane to learn alot about God and pray and give thanks. Job well done. Keep up the good work.

Sudeema & Thomas Peries

To all the Teachers at Shine. Thank you so much for caring and Teaching Junsen over the last year. In the beginning Junsen couldnt speak a word of english and now hes so confident to speak out loudly. I can see he is developing his writing, reading and drawing abilities. He has always enjoyed his time at Shine with the Teachers and good friends. We will catch up with you soon when his sister turns 3.

Miki & Alan, Junsen & Kyle

To the amazing staff at Shine Waiwhetu. I cant believe the time has come to say goodbye. We will miss you so much. Going back to work for me had initially left me feeling so guilty about having to give up being a stay-at-home Mum and leaving David at Daycare 5 days a week 8-5pmish. I felt so relieved when I found you all at Shine. Thank you so much for giving David all the love, care, guidance and education that you have. He is blossoming into such a character and I know I cannot take all the credit! (along with Blair) Thankyou for all your kind and generous interactions with me. Much love - Arohanui.

Julia Greaney

To the team at Shine - THANK YOU! for the wonderful care and love you have shown our 3 girls, Ruby, Matilda and Olive over the last 6 years. We love the Shine environment and the wonderful support that has encouraged our sometimes shy girls to really come out of their comfort zones and really blossom.

Christina Hall